The excess levels of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a major factor in the climate change predicament facing the modern world today. Planting trees can help reduce the level of CO2 in the earth's atmosphere and help preserve our environment for ourselves and future generations. The Woodland Trust (WT) is the UK’s leading woodland conservation charity, committed to restoring and improving the biodiversity of woods, planting, on average, half a million native trees per year.
Together with our potential clients, wed like to play our part in helping to prevent climate change. So for every proposal we send to a client, well also pay for a tree and arrange for it to be dedicated to the client then well have it planted in a selected wood! The client will also receive information about the Woodland Trust, together with a certificate to mark the event.

Currently, its estimated that 100 million people are homeless (UNHCS statistic) and millions more are living in inadequate housing. The non-profit, non-denominational housing charity, Habitat for Humanity, aims to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness on a global scale. Through the donations of money and materials the charity has been able to provide nearly a million people with safe, decent and affordable shelter.

We support the invaluable humanitarian and house building work of Habitat for Humanity through donations, sponsoring fund-raising events and providing prizes for auctions.
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