2. To think carefully, especially about opinions or possibilities (7)
5. To feel or show admiration to someone (7)
9. An ability to do a job or activity well (5)
10. A short clear description that gives the main facts or ideas. (7)
12. Past events considered together (7)
13. To be very similar to something (6)  

1. To be able to understand how someone else feels (9)
3. What you see with (4)
4. To make something clearer and easier to understand (7)
6. To make a movement that tells others what to do (7)
7. To give attention to someone in order to hear them (6)
8. One of four equal parts of something (7)
11. One in a series of movements that a machine performs (5)
Questions Answers

1. What colour was Coca-Cola originally?
2. What is the birthstone for the month of June?
3. What did Britain`s roads first acquire in 1914?
4. If you were born on June 1st, what star sign would you be?
5. What football club did Sir Matt Busby sign for at the age of 17?
6. Which comedian played the lead character in `The Man Who Sued God'? 


1. Green
2. Pearl
3. White lines
4. Gemini
5. Man City
6. Billy Connolly

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