“I have spent this morning going through your procedure and fine-tuning it to my requirements. It is absolutely brilliant and will save me alot of time digging through the application and updating the timesheets and spreadsheets every week. It also presents financial information in a more professional manner which will obviously reflect better on the organisation. Just thought I would feed back on how worth while this reporting method is.”   -  Jim, Project Manager.


“Nick, you are indeed a good coach and mentor! I look forward to more lessons.”  - Azril, Project Manager.


“Well done to all involved for managing this challenge and ensuring a licence cost avoidance of $500,000. Nick, please pass on our appreciation to your team.”  -  Fiona, Asset Management Manager.


“I’m so grateful to you for doing this for me as it gives me a far more comprehensive system that is much more professional should I receive a visit from our governing body.” - Nick, Transport Manager.


“With this e-mail I would like to express my appreciation and compliments to Nick and Andreas for their performance in the recently completed peer review for the current project. In a very short time-frame they were able to get a good overall understanding of the project and get up to speed on the key issues and challenges it faces. Due to the different time zones involved, this required each to work late evening or early morning hours to attend the two meetings, as well as create the resulting recommendations document. Therefore I'd like to express a big thank-you and well done to these two fine gentlemen for their contribution on this valuable effort.”   -  Johan, Project Manager.


“Nick, you are indeed the Yoda (or Grand Master, if you like) of Excel! We are amazed at your wizardry.” -  Albert, Project Manager.


“Your very positive attitude and good humour brought us many, well-needed laughs and your professional attitude held the team together and kept us all on our toes!”  -  Mona, Engineer.


“It's always good to learn from someone with lots of wisdom like yourself.  Noted your great point!” - Jason, Technical Project Lead.


“Our success really did start with the leader and his capabilities and vision, and of course, his ability to let his people do their jobs!”   Julie, Consultant.


Please note that original copies of all testimonials can be viewed at our offices.

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