"In one instance, we reduced "In one instance, we reduced the time taken to complete regulatory required planning information from 3 days to 30 minutes per month, whilst at the same time adding an auditing capability and management reporting."

Can you afford to run your organisation sub-optimally?

We can add significant value to your organisation by enabling you to operate more efficiently.

Kendra Consultants was established in 1998 by Nick Kent, who had been previously involved in a wide range of Information Technology developments and projects. Over time, Nick had noticed growing and worrying trends with the business practices of clients with whom he worked, first coming to his notice in 1989 whilst he was working with an ICI subsidiary.
During the planning and design of a new IT project:
The IT department produced requirements and specifications for new applications without obtaining input from those who would actually be using the new applications. (Does this sound familiar?)
The technology wasn't being exploited in a way that would make maximum use of its capabilities.
Whilst the above example appeared to be an isolated case, Nick’s subsequent projects with a range of clients highlighted that this type of activity was in fact becoming the norm. Furthermore, rather than simply being an IT problem, Nick identified that this was in fact a wider business phenomenon - but one that could be solved if the right understanding and focus were applied. So Nick developed a different perspective on the way in which businesses should operate internally - which led to the creation of Kendra Consultants. That’s why we’re ideally positioned to add significant value to your organisation through optimisation of your business operations.
Specialising in small to medium-sized businesses, we offer consulting services that deliver maximum flexibility, professionalism and expertise – but without the intimidation often associated with larger consulting firms. Furthermore, we’ve found that this target sector often provides us with the best opportunity to add significant value to clients’ business efficiency and performance.
Can you afford to run your organisation sub-optimally? We provide our clients with a rapid return on investment based on a radical approach. Contact Us for further details.
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